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Founders Phillip Whisenhunt and Ricardo Valea started BoomCo, LLC back in June 2009 as merely a venture to start making custom iPhone applications. The first application created by the dynamic duo was known as iHack—a trivial hacking game testing computer science skills and mathematical skills in order to decode passwords and usernames to advance further in levels.

After their first successful iPhone application was created, they started venturing to create iPhone applications for clients; the first client being UNCW. Released in August of 2009, this new application was developed for featuring current events, videos and news on the campus.

The following year proved to be a year of change, as in January 2010, Ricardo Valea became the sole owner and operator of BoomCo. Since the new sole ownership, the mission of the company has changed the focus from primarily iPhone applications to custom mobile software.

With 6 clients, each with very different unique applications, to date BoomCo continues to seek and exceed expectations of clients.

What’s in a name? Well, for BoomCo, the name represents a piece of the founders’ personal creative entertainment. The name was originally derived from a college game played by Ricardo and friends in which the objective was to write the word ‘BOOM’ on a sheet of paper and hide it somewhere creative and strategic. Once the marked target was found, the finder had to do a goofy dance in front of everyone and was unable to ‘BOOM’ anyone else for a day. The game became so elaborate and involved that eventually the entire town became fair grounds for being targeted. Ricardo and friends would ‘BOOM’ people on their way to work by placing the marked target in their cars, desks, mirrors, windows, soda cans…etc. To this day the game is still played among close friends and a big part of Ricardo’s life, and so to honor this game and where it all started, BoomCo, LLC was derived.

iPhone, iPad & iPod Application Developer Image  – BoomCo, LLC

This southerner with a northern upbringing was born in Chapel Hill (1987), but relocated to Setauket, New York (Long Island) at the age of 5. Yearning for a piece of the south again, Ricardo made his way below the Mason Dixon line when relocating to Wilmington in 2005 to attend the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) for a degree in Computer Science.

After excelling in the undergrad program, Ricardo stretched is wings further to pursue a Masters in Computer Science and Information Systems, which will be completed in December 2011. His educational journey doesn’t end there, after completion of the Masters program, Ricardo plans on continuing expansion of BoomCo as well as obtaining a Doctorate in Computer Science and Information Systems.